Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taking a poll: What do you think?

Well, ladies and gentlemen! The first set of color samples were painted today.  Below is a picture of the first set of colors. Would love to know what you think! I am not going to tell you how I feel because I want some unbiased opinions!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Could we have a match???

The sands of the hourglass have slipped to a low and the time has come to make a decision on paint colors.  The painters have been scrapping and sanding the house for almost five days and today, they started priming the wood.  Our lead painter is going to pick up the samples this evening and will paint the window, accent and wall with the colors we are leaning toward choosing.  I have placed a link to the green we like from a historical paint collection.  Beneath the green is the cream color I have asked the painter to get and then, we have picked a red/brown to go inside the window as an accent color.  After he paints a sample tomorrow, I will post a picture to see what you all think :)

House colors

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something old, something new...

...Or really, just something old that is new to us! We purchased our "first" piece of antique furniture for the house last week.  I took leave from work to teach VBS in the mornings and then to do absolutely whatever I wanted the rest of the day.  A true "staycation" of sorts.  Unfortunately due to lingering bronchitis/mild pneumonia, the afternoons were more nap filled than accomplishment filled but if you aren't healthy you cannot have fun, right?

Since VBS was only for four days, a girlfriend and I did some shopping along the many antique stores that dot Church Street heading into the Marietta Square on my full freebie Friday.  As we wandered, we found one particular store that was having a 50 percent off all furniture sale.  Can't beat that, right?  We poked around and my eye kept returning to a beautiful, mahogany corner cabinet from the early 1940s.  It was in beautiful condition and coincidentally, was calling my name.  After making mental notes, we continued along our tour and found a similar cabinet in another establishment.  The piece was the same original price as the other, and the gent running the place is willing to come down about 30 percent.  My heart still longs for the other piece more than this one. Price had something to do with it but the detail of the first cabinet was much more unique than the second one.

After lunch and a few hours later, I found myself back in the first store putting the cabinet on hold.  I was petrified someone would come and snatch it before I could show it to my husband.   I know I want the piece but you have to be certain everyone is in agreement with such a "forever" type of purchase!

By dusk, the sale was made and we will bring it home at the end of the week! We are so excited.  Here is a snap shot from my cell phone.  I love that it has two drawers above the base cabinet.  The top shelf has pie dividers to place goodies in safely.  I can't wait to bring it home.

Another thing we are looking forward to having in the house is a carpet runner for the stairs.  After my horrific fall and too many close calls by not only me (again), my daughter, husband and our poor, black lab, we decided we needed to install the runner before moving onto other projects.  The carpet is on order and we are hoping to have it in place within the next two weeks or so. Since I am still having laptop problems, I have very few original pictures to post.  Here is a shot from the vendor Web site. This is the runner we picked as well as the stair rods.  We chose the antique brass rods with pineapples after seeing similar runners with this option in several of the period homes off the square. Cannot wait to see it in ours!