Monday, September 19, 2011

Once upon a time...

There was a girl who found the home of her dreams.  It was in the neighborhood in which she had been raised and it was where she wanted her daughter to grow up.  She and her husband took a risk, put in an offer and sat back while the banks did their business.  Five months later, she closed on the short sale and called the 1910 lady all hers.  Then, she decided she would blog about her adventures and all the things that she and her family would do to put their fingerprints on the home that they never thought they would have.  

Then reality hit!

Thankfully, I can say the above story is mostly true.  Indeed, my husband and I thankfully own the home of our dreams.  Our now four-year-old LOVES her home complete with her pink and purple room that we have decorated for her.  Alas, the has not been well kept as I would have liked.  It all started with the pesky home computer problems and uploading of pictures.  Part of me feels like you cannot blog if you do not have pictures to show along with the words that you find interesting.  So I am slack.  Some would say I am over extended.  I have one girlfriend who questions if I ever sleep! Yes, I am a busy body.  I love to volunteer and do things...getting out and about is awesome!  Part of my itch to do something was this blog. I am going to do my best yet again to get back to it.  I will post pictures...I owe the World Wide Web something for starting up this domain, don't I?

So if you stumble upon this blog or you have bookmarked it because you are my friend, continue to peep in from time to time.  I promise, I will start to write again and see where this dream continues to go!