Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby birds abound

Every morning, we wake to the music of the baby birds around us begging mama and daddy for breakfast.  I finally caught a few pictures of the nests and babes.

This first picture gives me the greatest joy.  I love watching birds and the wren is my absolute favorite.  They are so tiny yet so busy with life.  My grandfather made me these bird boxes ages ago and I brought them with me from our former house.  The only thing that enjoyed it there was a squirrel that made a larger hole.  However, now it has a nesting wren!  This photo was taken before Mother's Day and later I saw four tiny eggs in the box.  I think there is only one baby in the box now but since it is so close to the ground where predators might linger, I have tried my best to stay away.

This next set of photographs comes from the corner of our front porch.  I think most of the noise we are hearing in the morning is coming from this nest.  I think the Purple Finch (aka House Finch) family had at least five babies.  You can vaguely make out baby birds in the first picture and in the second photo, you can see one of the babies almost ready to leave the nest with lots of other tail feathers poking up from the nest.  Sadly, I think they left the next yesterday because it has been very quiet.  Time to clean up the mess then, I guess!