Friday, October 2, 2015

While the rain falls down

This week there has been little progress on the driveway.  It is hurricane season and even though we are hours away from the ocean, the storms that taunt the coast have found their way into our atmosphere.  We have been living in a grey mist for days with no sunshine and lots and lots of falling water.

Pair that with a week home from work while office space is moved from one floor to another, I decided today I would multitask - handle work, bake for my daughter's girl scout troop and compose a blog entry.

A few years ago, I bought a whoopie pie pan from the William Sonoma outlet.  It was very inexpensive and I thought I would make some of these treats sooner rather than later.  So here we are, much later, and I am making gluten free whoopie pies.  Thanks to Pintrest, there is no shortage of ideas.  I went with a recipe from the blog, gluten free canteen, where the author converts every kind of recipe to a gluten free version.  This particular recipe uses a box mix as its base, so it was super easy to pull together.

The hardest part was getting the batter/dough into the pans; tapping the pans so that the batter flattened into the pan; and then putting them together.  A tad messy but something I hope the kiddos, especially one sweet girl who has been denied so many joys of being a kid due to celiac disease.