Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring has sprung!

The trees and flowers are all abloom and the pollen has been raining for weeks!  There have been plenty of front porch evenings enjoying the milder yet still warmer days of spring. 

I am so excited that Memorial Day is just around the corner.  I know that means summer is knocking on the door but more importantly for the owner of an older home, it means it is time for patriotic bunting to go up!  YAY!

The ladies in my neighborhood and I have been discussing patriotic bunting and how long it should stay up.  Thankfully, we all agree it is a beautiful thing to keep up from Memorial Day up until Labor Day.  It covers all the holidays and who doesn't love being patriotic?

I was going to put ours up this weekend but the rain has been horrific and I have a little nest of baby House Finches in the corner of my porch pillars.  I don't want to disturb them too much.  They are newly hatched and mama and daddy are very protective.  We'll see how the week goes with growth. We also have a nest of Wrens in our bird house on our picket fence that are too cute for words. You can definitely tell it is spring when the sun begins to rise in the mornings due to all the chirping going on!

The husband and I have been kicking around new renovation projects to tackle.  We've both been so busy with life in general that routine upkeep of the house is all we have been able to handle.  I think the main project we'd like to have done is a new drive way.  The current drive way is simply dirt and with the amount of rain we've had in Georgia over the past year, it is totally washing away.  I've started a Pintrest board focused on styles of driveways that we like for an older home.  We need to get quotes and all that wonderful stuff so we have some idea of what we are getting ourselves into!