Monday, June 28, 2010

Plz call me @ the office ASAP

What do you think when you see that type of text come across your cell phone?  Often the pessimist, I automatically think, "Uh-oh. What has gone wrong now?"  When you are buying a home and the message comes from your realtor (and you have received that message several times during the purchasing process), you can't help but get a big lump in your throat and a nervous feeling as you dial the ten digits separating you from whatever lies behind the ASAP text.

Now don't get me wrong, I love our agent, Jerome Smith.  Nine years ago, he sold us our current home and today he is listing it for us as well.  But two days before closing, Jerome sending that text then answering the phone in a stern voice saying "the closing is on hold" followed by a giddy giggle almost found him dead.  He should be careful with pranks like that...I do know where he lives as he is also a neighbor.  Thankfully, he was only calling with information about wiring funds to the closing attorney and a few last minute items regarding the closing that is thankfully still on. 

June 30th, plz get here ASAP.

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  1. ooo my word! Smack him on the arm for me! :-P I was all nervous for you!