Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking for the perfect shade of Haint Blue

We've decided that we want to change the color of our home.  That was the easy part.  The hard part is trying to decide what color to paint it.  Everyone seems to have white with black shutters or some sort of brown or green.  We are tired of the grey-blue that is on the home currently.  About the only thing I do know what I want is a Haint Blue for the porch ceiling.

What is Haint Blue exactly? There are various shades depending on the region in which you live.  I found a really good Web site that has researched the history of Haint Blue and its progression.  Basically, a Haint is a restless spirit and the blue color is said to keep it away from the inside of your home.  A spirit pool perhaps is a good description.  Some of the homes in our area have them and all the shades are different.  I think I like the Haint Blues from Savannah, Georgia the best so far.

As for the rest of the house, well....maybe we'll figure that out sooner or later!

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