Friday, August 14, 2015

Return from the darkness

Hello, blog's been awhile.  
A very long while.
I think I have been inspired to start writing again!

I am going to revamp my blog.  This journey started in 2010, and as we settled into our dream home, there were projects to handle more frequently.   Five years later, we are into a groove.  However, we have some more fun renovations on the horizon.  Plus, after being inspired by a few friends who blog, I think I will use this as a creative outlet.

You see, I'm not just a mom who works full-time and doesn't know how to say no to volunteer activities; I also started working on my Masters Degree online.  This fall will be my last semester of coursework, and then in the spring of 2016, I will take my capstone course and finally graduate.

So my blog will be a distraction for my mind when it gets cluttered with talk of work and education theory.  Stay tuned...I think this might be fun!

Home, sweet home - where we are still living the dream!

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