Friday, September 10, 2010

One, two, three....

I moved three boxes this week! Yay, me!  Ok, so I know that doesn't sound like a lot but it is a start.  I decided that if we are ever going to get out of our current home into the city home, we've got to start taking baby steps to get there.  We still have a ton of cleaning and painting to do before we move in the furniture. But at least by taking over dishes we only use for special occassions or pictures that will eventually go on the walls, we are starting to transition.  That is the hardest part about owning two homes - there is really no one pushing your rear out the door so they can move in while you move out.  We've been cozy staying put in the "current" home while the "new" home has been getting its pipe facelift.  For now, I will take pride in my three boxes...and see what I can add to them this weekend.

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