Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She's crafty

It seems like every day I am trying to find something for the new house.  I am on the hunt for rugs as every room in the home is hardwood.  I am also on the prowl for new furniture and antiques to put in the rooms.  We have enough furniture but eventually I want to replace what we have with more appropriate pieces that fit the style of the city house.  This weekend my aunt and I found a wing back chair at a yard sale for $20.  It is that horrific color that I like to type as "office burgundy."  As I was inspecting it, one of the ladies at the sale asked me why I wanted the chair.  I told her I was planning on reupholstering it and putting it in our library/office.  "Well, I guess you can pay $20 for a chair then pay $300 to have it recovered.  I have several wing chairs that I need to do that to and haven't yet."  Humph.  Maybe she wanted the chair to add to her collection but I was not deterred, so I handed over the $20 bill and packed the chair in the back of my vehicular unit.

As I stare at the chair, I think there is no way this chair is going to cost me $300 to recover.  I am going to attempt to do it myself.  If I fail, what is the big deal?  I'll only be out the cost of the chair and whatever fabric I decide upon.

I love the Internet.  I surf constantly in search of news and articles.  I think it drives my husband batty at times.  However, you can learn a lot from reading.  Who cares if it is a hard bound book, a news paper or a Web page, right?  I think I have found my source of tutorial for tackling the wing chair job. 

The Creative Maven has an awesome two page DIY article dedicated to reupholstering a wing back chair complete with pictures and notes on what to do/not to do.  Mormon Chic also has a pretty simple to follow guide on taking care of a chair without paying $300. 

What do you think?  Can I do it?

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  1. oo wow!! That looks pretty intense! But like you said you wont be out that much money if it doesn't work out.