Monday, October 18, 2010

Working on the dream room...

Now that my daughter is old enough to tell me what her favorite colors are and the kinds of things that she likes, my husband and I really wanted to make her new room at the city house a dream come true.  We figured it also might help with the transition when we indeed move from one home to the next.

You've seen the pink and purple walls that she requested.  It is actually growing on me each time that I see it.  Through a three year-old's eyes, it is completely perfect.  This weekend along with the grandparents, we purchased her new bedding to go on the new twin mattress set her Nanee got for her.  I must admit, I am kinda jealous.  I want soft bedding like this for our room!  Too bad we have a king bed.  Pottery Barn Kids does have queen sizes though...maybe I'll start sleeping in the guest room since we have that size in there.  Heh...The fitted sheet, shams and duvet are chamois and the sheets are flannel.  Can't you see why I want her dream bed too?

In the summer, the sheets will be changed over to regular cotton sheets that we purchased that are lavender mini dot as well.  This bedding ultimately became a reality when a good friend who works for Pottery Barn gave us her 20% off friends and family discount that was available this weekend.  The bedding was already on sale so we really got a phenom deal.  Thank goodness for friends!!!


  1. ooo wow love those! Can they buy me some new sheets for my bed? ;-)

  2. Because of the colors I wanted in my bedroom, my duvet cover, sheets and coverlet are from PBK. I was so glad they came in queen size.