Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Lazy Black Friday

Yesterday was a beautiful day for Thanksgiving.  The air was chilled just enough and the sun was shining brightly.  The food and company were excellent.  I usually do not brag on my cooking but I will say that I will never buy a frozen turkey again.  This year we splurged and purchased an organic, free-range, never frozen, fresh turkey from Harry's Farmers Market.  OMG it was SO good.  Yes, you can tell a difference!

19 lbs. of pure yumminess! 

Hanging with dad!

Cheesing with mama.

Princess approved dinner!

Even the little one ate all of her turkey this year, which was a big improvement over the 1+ hour show down we had last year with her and her dinner plate.

As for today, the infamous Black Friday, it is nothing but the great chill out for us.  I thought about heading to Target for their midnight opening but fell asleep during the 11 o'clock news at some point. Dear husband did have to work a few hours this morning since he is in retail but the afternoon and evening will be spent relaxing and snacking on leftovers.  To me, it sounds like another absolutely perfect day.

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