Monday, November 21, 2011

So Thankful...

It is hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is this week and it will be our second family celebration of this holiday in our home.  Last year, we moved in most of the first floor just in time for the big dinner.  As I sat on my front porch this afternoon, soaking up the beautiful fall sunshine and mild weather, I still feel like I need to pinch myself.  We live here now. This is our home.  Funny how a year can go by and it still feels like we are living in a dream.

Maybe it is because we still own our other home. Maybe it is because we still have boxes in storage. Or maybe it is because we are still trying to figure out who gets to put a nail in the wall first (or to attempt to use the picture railing and frame hooks that we have!).  Who knows why it feels like we are living in a dream.  I really don't care because I know that I don't and won't ever wake up from it!  

This evening, I was browsing through some old photo files and found pictures from our first Thanksgiving in our 1910 dream home.  Can't you smell the turkey? I hope you and yours have a blessed week of many thanks! 

Paul and I stayed up late the night before Thanksgiving, hanging curtains and rods.
First bird in the new house! I think it was about 18 lbs.


Table dressed and ready to go.
Sweet treats are icing on the cake!

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