Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choices! Choices!

After looking at sample after sample, we narrowed down the new faces for our cabinets down to two choices.  Home Depot made us a sample in each of the styles we liked in the color we wanted plus another sample with the color we like with a feathering effect so we could see upfront what the cabinets would look versus making a decision from a sample in a different color or looking at pictures in a book.

First, I have to say I am stunned at how heavy the new cabinets will be.  The facing is really heavy and sturdy.  Quite the opposite of what we have now, which is pretty but of low grade quality materials.

So what do you think? I haven't seen these samples in natural daylight yet but couldn't resist taking a picture and putting them on the blog.  I am pretty certain that we both agree that we love the feathering effect.  At first, I was sold on Choice A but now seeing Choice B in the color we like I am not sure which to choose!

At least we do not have to make a snap decision.  They are just waiting on us to decide and then they will put the new facing into production.

The Existing cabinets:
Don't get me is pretty as you can see in the first picture but in the second photo, that door isn't propped open - it is simply warped!

So, we are about to say bye-bye to the nasty cabinets above for something lighter and hopefully more period appropriate once the install is complete.  What do you think?

All choices, side-by-side:

Choice A:

Choice B: 

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