Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy new year!

It seems just like yesterday we were singing 1999 by Prince and that 1999 would never come.  The fact that it is 2012 amazes me.  As I get older, the years seem to fly by so quickly.  Looking over 2011, it was a swift pass in time but we did accomplish a lot.  Our first full year in our new home was filled with needed improvements: adding gutter covers; hiring an arborist to take out dead limbs and trees that were encroaching on the roof; painting the exterior of the house; and starting to redesign the inside of our home.  For 2012, we have lots of grand plans to continue the transformation of our house into our home.

First and foremost is our Christmas gift to one another.  I think I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with our kitchen. It is huge and spacious, which I love.  However, its beautiful makeover by the flipping flipper was done poorly.  The cabinet facing is already discoloring and the doors are warped. Drawer facing is either missing or falling off.  In addition, I am convinced that a man who knew nothing about cooking or enjoying one's kitchen designed it.  The main storage is not in the cooking area but facing away from it and into the dining area.  It just isn't functional.  Enter The Home Depot and their cabinet refacing program.  They are not only going to help lighten up the color of the cabinets but they are also going to rearrange them for us as well.  I will get some before pictures up shortly.  We narrowed down our facing choices and they will bring the two samples for our consideration this week. EXCITEMENT!!!!

Looking back....
Trinity's bathroom was originally a very bright aqua before we toned it down

We love our trees but an oak in our front yard was getting choked by a vine

Underneath the vine is a healthy tree, thankfully

We couldn't get over how thick the vine had gotten over the years

Vine not tree...seriously!!!

Cleaned up pecan tree in the back yard.  Many dead limbs removed

Prepping for new paint!

The Flipping Flipper strikes again...pillars made of press board instead of wood.  What an idiot.

Our painters had almost two weeks worth of prep work.

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