Sunday, July 25, 2010

ALWAYS Get a Second Opinion

ESPECIALLY when it comes to things like plumbing and electricity.  This will be our new motto going forward.  It certainly pays off to get a second opinion.  Guess who has fixed pipes? And guess who has pipes that ARE up to code??? If you guessed me, then you are tonight's winner!

My husband reminded me our daughter goes to school with a sweet, little girl whose parents own a plumbing company.  I emailed them Friday and they sent out one of their plumbers Saturday morning.  He stayed with us for several hours.  He showed me every nook and cranny of pipes in the house, especially the tiny leak that was causing the big problem in our ceiling.  Apparently the adhesive that was used to put the renovated plumbing in the master bath was done poorly and after wear and tear, a leak was caused.  Right in the elbow of the pipe was a little spray of water that reminded me of a sprinkler in the yard.  Absolutely amazing.  I waited to tell the plumber all the news that the previous plumber told us because I didn't want to influence his inspection.  When it was over, I spilled the beans and watched him totally hit the roof.  He said sometimes, the businesses that work for warranty companies will say and/or do just about anything.  I thought it was funny when he said he really would like to have the opportunity to have charming chit chat with the guy who almost put me into cardiac arrest. 

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow, the plumbing issues will be resolved and we can move on to something putting color on the walls and throwing up some new sheet rock in the ceiling!

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