Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures: before and after

Here are a few shots of the inside of the home as well as some before and after pictures.  Not sure what we'll be up to this weekend.  We have a wedding on Saturday so Sunday is looking like our best option for getting some work done.  The upstairs air conditioning unit is still out which means unfortunately the painting we want to do up there will be postponed again.  This afternoon it was 92 degrees on the second floor WITH the ceiling fans all running.  Woohooo! According to the customer service rep. the infamous part has finally been tracked and found.  Now it is just a matter of getting a technician to install the compressor.  It has been almost 100 degrees this week in the good ol' south, so everyone with a home warranty as been calling about their HVAC it seems.  Hopefully it will be cooler up there soon!  Until then, we can start boxing up things in our current home.

Door bell before and after polish:

I still need to get a toothbrush with some polish on this.  Who knew it would be copper!?!

Ceiling fan blades and light covers:

Take a look at the flooring in front of my dear husband and then that to the sides and behind him where he had cleaned.  Amazing.
This is just a picture of my favorite light fixture in the house - the dining room chandelier.

Here is a shot of the stove before it was scrubbed down! Never forget to clean the sides of your appliances!

And finally, here are some shots from the deck.  I wish I had gotten a true "before" picture of this but I didn't have my camera before we started tackling the leaves. 

From this picture, you can see how the limbs are leaning on the roof of the house.  We have managed to cut several of these off but have many more to go.

I hope you have enjoyed the first few signs of progress at the house.  More updates soon!  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Its looking great!! Love the door bell!!

  2. Amazing!!!! So glad you are doing before and afters b/c the changes are remarkable. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chandelier!!!!