Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big Chill Arrives

FINALLY! We have air conditioning on the second floor of our home. The task only took a month to complete but I got a text from my husband yesterday evening before I left work stating that the HVAC fan was running and the temperature was finally dropping upstairs. We’ve had ceiling fans running on the second floor since we took ownership of the house and thankfully it has kept it in the mid 80s up there. However, one day last week it was in the 90s while I was visiting the home. The compressor was blown out and the parts that were ordered were lost, then tracked down, and then the repair guys were backed up due to the heat wave that is beating down on the south.  But now that the AC is running on both floors, hopefully we can accomplish more cleaning tasks which will allow us to move in some of our things. I guess that means we really need to start packing up our things so we can actually get them from one home to the other!

For now, progress is slow due to working during the week. This past weekend we had a wedding that took up our Saturday and we decided to do some cleaning in the home we are trying to sell rather than play in the new house on Sunday. We did stop by Sunday evening to see if the AC was working (ha) and to check out a paint wheel in a few of the rooms. I am getting very excited about buying some paint samples this weekend and throwing some color on the walls. We are trying to pick historic colors for the house true to the time period for all the rooms except for our daughter’s room. She has picked lavender and pink for her room and I can’t wait to get started in there for her!  Friday can't get here soon enough to start working again! I am ready to move in!

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  1. yay! That is so exciting! Glad its starting to cool off some!