Saturday, July 3, 2010

Something new...

We weren't able to visit the new home Thursday due to my work travel and pure exhaustion so we stopped by for a bit this evening.  We measured the space for a refrigerator as we are lacking one and also put up some patriotic bunting over the front steps to the porch (pictures soon!).  We are still trying to assess our to do list and what we should try to tackle first.  There is so much cleaning and yard work to do.  We decided we would use the July 4th weekend to scope out a fridge since the sales seem to be really good.  Who knew we would find one on our first stop! The new kitchen has stainless steel appliances so we had to find a refrigerator with that color scheme.  I had been eying the ever popular french door models.  As we were cruising through Lowe's late this evening, we decided to take a peek at what they had in stock.  A very awesome sales associate pointed us in the direction of a model that has been discontinued for the newer version so we got it on clearance plus and additional 20% since it is a Whirlpool.  It also qualified for 12 months no payments/no interest so that should make it super easy to pay for over the next year.  It might even qualify for an energy tax credit if that deal is still around.  It will be delivered for free on Monday.  YAY!  Hopefully it will fit in nicely with the rest of the appliances we have inherited.

This is our new fridge!

Saturday should be an exciting day.  We are walking in the Independence Day parade with a friend who is running for state court judge, then it is off to tackle some projects at the house. We hope to see some of the fireworks from the front yard later in the evening or at least by a very short walk past the tree line.  I can't wait.

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