Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!!

I think the July 4th celebration has to be one of my favorite holidays next to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love the parades, the fireworks and the general happiness people seem to have on this day.  Even though we haven't moved in, we did give the new home a touch of Independence Day color to celebrate!

This year, our city celebrated on July 3rd for some reason.  It was actually nice to have the day full of parade walking, BBQ eating and fireworks watching on Saturday and then have today as a true day of relaxation.  We have decided we are absolutely going to love having the Independence Day celebration at our new home.  We had a relaxing dinner on the porch under the whirring of the ceiling fans and then a few minutes before the city fireworks started, we walked the length of five homes to hit the clearing to have a front row seat to the beautiful presentation.  The best part?  The quick walk back to the house and not having to sit in all the exiting traffic! Hey y'all, I think we have started a new tradition!

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