Sunday, August 15, 2010

Power tools rule!

While we continue to wait on our warranty company regarding a decision as to if they are going to cover our plumbing or not, we used the weekend to work on the outside of the house.  The insurance underwriter for our home policy didn't like the limbs on the roof so we continued our efforts to get as many cut down as possible.  I think we can put this in the done bucket.  The stack of limbs that we hauled to the curb was as tall as me by the time we were finished! If you ever need to cut something down that is a tad out of reach, I highly recommend a chain saw on a 15' extension pole.

After we hacked up a portion of the tree, I used the blower to move unwanted wood shavings, leaves and even a rotting rug from under the deck and underneath the magnolia.  The paving under all the debris is beautiful.  I absolutely love the old bricks and the round pavers.  I was wondering what to do under there once we got all the mess cleaned up.  It is nice to know it has already been handled for us!

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  1. woohoo looks like some good progress!!