Monday, August 30, 2010

When the walls, come crumblin' down...

Well, not the walls but definitely the ceiling!  In order to save on labor costs on the plumbing job, we bought a jagged, sheet rock knife and then had a round of stress relief sawing this weekend.  Most of the ceiling under the pipes was water stained and in dire need of replacement, so we where thrilled when the plumbers wanted it all gone so they could do their work.  My husband and I took down half the ceiling to expose the pipes.  It was a bit of a chore and certainly a huge mess but certainly a great sense of satisfaction once it was all down and in the trash pile.  Even our plumbers said we did a really good job! 

I owe you some pictures as it has been awhile, so here you go! The first is of me cutting away from the ceiling fan which my husband took down shortly after this shot was taken.  The second photo is the original cut that the first plumber made to find the infamous leak.  Next is a picture of our handy work to expose the pipes.  We then decided we should really go ahead and cut down the half of the ceiling that is water stained so it can all be replaced at the same time.  You can see my husband attacking that plan with a vengeance.  The last picture shows the ceiling after demolition.  Success!  More tomorrow as the plumbing job has started and I have new pipes to show off!

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