Saturday, August 28, 2010

When He hears you cry out, He does listen...

Once the news came through from the warranty company about the plumbing and what they would/would not cover, I had finally hit a wall.  The representative I spoke to boiled my frustration level to a point where I just couldn't stand it any longer.  There are days when you just have to close your office door and let the tears flow.  There is no sense in keeping them locked up any longer because all it will do in the end is ultimately add to your stress level.  I remember putting my head on my desk and crying out, "Lord, please help," several times.  I did not ask for anything other than help from Him and eventually found a way to calm down. Thankfully, it was almost time to leave work, so I hit the restroom, splashed my face and headed to the gym for a spin class with a dear friend which is always a great way to pound the stress out and clear your mind. The days after this were certainly much better.

God has a way of reminding you all the time that He is in charge and that He will never give you more than you can possibly handle at any one given time.  He does things to humble you.  He does things to make you happy.  He does things to make you laugh or sometimes cry.  In the end, you have to have faith that everything you go through, His hand is in it to make your life better.

On Thursday, I happened to be teleworking.  I had just dropped the dear daughter off at school when my cell phone rang.  It was the warranty company.  I hit ignore and let it go to voicemail.  I did not want to talk to them at this point.  If it was important enough, they would leave a message. BEEP.  A message had arrived.  I continued to ignore my phone and ran a quick errand.  When I got back in the parked car, I decided I would give a listen to the message.  I had to play it twice to believe what I heard. "I received a call from my supervisor today that they are going to cover the cost of your plumbing job..."

Later that day (after I am sure I called just about every one I know who was praying for a miracle for us regarding this project), I caught up with the warranty company.  We are going to "cash out" the amount and use our plumber, not theirs and the job starts on Monday.  Tonight, hubby and I will be taking down the ceiling fan and cutting the remaining dry wall to expose the pipes in the ceiling.  This will save us some labor costs and it will allow the plumber to start immediately on the pipes rather than trying to get to them.

Never lose faith is the motto here.  Also, make sure you have a great realtor who is willing to go to bat for you in cases like this.  I know all of his hard behind the scenes work and arm twisting made the warranty representatives see the validation of our claim and ultimately why the job is being paid for now rather than just a fraction of the cost.

God is good, y'all!

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