Sunday, August 8, 2010

Window dressing...

I've decided to not worry about the plumbing.  Another week has passed by and we have made no progress on that subject.  I thought about stressing but why bother?  The problem is still there and who needs a migraine, mouth ulcer or fever blister? Nah, it isn't worth it.  Maybe the warranty company will make a decision on Monday regarding what they will or will not cover.  We'll see.

The heat over the past few weeks has been unreal.  My husband works outside all week so by the time the weekend rolls around, he is physically exhausted.  I am extremely sympathetic but we both know that the aftermath of heat exhaustion pushes progress to the wayside at the house.  In an effort to accomplish something on Saturday, I managed to get some curtain rods up in the living room and put up some of the drapes that the former owner was kind enough to bring back to the house.  I knew curtain rods could be expensive but my goodness!  When it is all said and done, we are going to need a lot of curtain rods: three in the living room, three in the dining room, two in the office, two in the spare room downstairs, one in the downstairs bathroom, one in the mudroom, three in the kitchen (would have been six but I found some window treatments to put in the kitchen eating area), three in our bedroom, two in the master bath, one in the upstairs bathroom and four in my daughter's room. Whew....that is a bunch of curtain rods!  Right now I am trying to find inexpensive solutions for the plethora of windows that need some dressing.  When I am rich and famous one day I will splurge for the historical replicas I have been drooling over listed on a few of the Web sites I have found courtesy of my girlfriend who also owns a historical home.  Until then, Tuesday Morning and thrift stores will help me stretch the Benjamins.

It is amazing how a curtain and a rod can transform a room.  Yep, I am ready for some furniture to go in this bad boy!

I still need to get tiebacks but this will do for now.

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  1. oo looking good Amanda! Curtain rods are crazy expensive!